Running Dinner in Friedrichshain

It’s already more than a week ago since Sarah & I participated in the Running Dinner here in Friedrichshain. Running Dinner was another great initiative by Polly & Bob.

Just like minifeast’s concept, the idea of Polly & Bob’s Running Dinner was to cook for your neighbours; People you don’t quite know yet, even you probably shop at the same supermarket & eat at the same restaurants.

Now you might wonder how this possibly works.

First, people living in this neighbourhood had the possibility to join by signing up via google docs. As soon as the application period was over, Polly & Bob assigned all couples to cook either starters, main dish or dessert. I am still very impressed by the brilliant organisation because no one had to travel anywhere. It really took us about five minutes to get to the other participants’ houses.

Amazing community work indeed.

We were assigned to prepare the main dish for 9pm. As we had to join the other group for staters at 7, we knew we must prepare the meal and sort out the dining situation before the event started. What we’d cook was decided within a few minutes: We made vegan curry. It’s just one of the things that get better the longer you leave them aside. Mjam!

If you want to see how much fun we had, please check out all the lovely pictures on Facebook.

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