Polly & Bob’s Flashmeal

When I heard of Polly & Bob for the first time, the project immediately caught my eye. Their aim to bring people together and the way they do it, is impressively charming. Polly & Bob are here to make people talk, connect & share.

Their first initiative was called ‘Singing Balconies‘, for which around 1.500 people gathered in the streets of Friedrichshain. The media coverage was impressive and it felt like we’d finally entered the the age of sharing for real.

Polly & Bob’s second event was supposed to be a Flashmeal at the Oberbaumbrücke earlier this morning. The idea was to gather a group of people from the neighbourhood to share breakfast together. Sounds just like a minifeast, don’t you think?

Tables & chairs were already organised. Around 200 people were expected.

And then on behalf of one letter, the whole event had to be cancelled. A letter that only reached the receiver a day in advance. Anyway the message had not reached me in time, which is why I got up early and prepared some things to share with fellow Friedrichshainer.


We were guided towards the middle of the bridge by charcoal stamps on the ground. It was rather surprising that when we got to the actual spot, there was just a small group of people sitting on the ground. Without any chairs or tables. Only then I checked Facebook to see the news and experience huge disappointment.

Up until today, I had the impression that Berlin’s progressive and it’s a place where people are open and actually trying to make things happen. All supported by the government. While I’d love to say that we’re living in the age where community driven and alternative business concepts can flourish easily, it’s actually not the case. I would have loved to share a blogpost on an outdoor neighbourhood breakfast meet up today. Instead, I’m sharing this story that might inspire others to take the lead and do something. Something beautiful. Just like Polly & Bob do here in Berlin.

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